Privacy Disclosure


This document refers to the use of this website (, the "website") managed by GAUDÌ TRADE S.p.A., as well as the respective Managers appointed if need be, and to all the services offered on the same. We aim to ensure our users the protection of their personal details, at any given moment. We therefore request you to carefully read the Privacy disclosure so as to comprehend which information could be acquired and how it will be used.


During the creation of your profile on the website, personal information is requested such as name and surname, date of birth, address and contact information. Besides this information, it will also be necessary to choose a username and password, so as to permit you to access your private area. At the time of purchasing, or when one resorts to other services present at, the details with regard to the operation such as for example: the items purchased, the address to which the delivery must be made and the payment details, will be registered. When an e-mail is sent to Customer Care, requesting information or making comments, the communications will be filed so as to be able to provide an answer to the queries or be able to improve the services which we offer our customers. Whenever there is interaction with the website, information such as the IP address, the version and type of browser used and the operating system in use are automatically acquired via the use of cookies. The so-called "cookies" are data packets which are transferred onto the hard disk of the computer to be used to access and permit our system to remember the settings of your browser and your preferences so as to personalise the website according to your needs. The cookies can be deactivated at any time using the "settings" panel of the browser, but this action could make certain services offered by our website inaccessible.


The information acquired via the website is used to adapt the navigation and purchase via our web pages to the preferences of each user. By means of this information, we can handle the orders and optimise the payment methods according to your needs, present new functions and improve the existing services, gain feedback on the products and on the website itself. Furthermore, we will be able to send special offers and promotions on products which might interest you, on the basis of the interest you have expressed. Since the security of the customer is fundamental for use, the data acquired may be used for seeking and preventing illegal activities. In the event that GAUDÌ must process personal details of third parties included in our database directly by its users - as in the case of a user whose has made a purchase which must be delivered to another person or more generically when a party who makes the payment of a product is different to the party for whom it is intended - we ask our users to ascertain the consent of the individual whose data is provided before communicating it to GAUDÌ , presenting this Privacy disclosure to them. The data provided will be filed until the moment a commercial scope is presented or in any event for the period envisaged by the law, after which it will be eliminated. The processing of the personal data of the users will be carried out in Italy, in compliance with the applicable European legislation and with the code concerning the protection of personal details (Italian Legislative Decree No. 196/2003).


The protection of the data of our customers underlies our policy privacy. For this reason, the sharing of the information issued via our website will take place exclusively with parties who observe and comply with the laws protecting personal details, ensuring a suitable level of protection. The services, such as for example the delivery of the products or the electronic payment procedures, are carried out on behalf of ourselves via third party companies we have appointed. They will therefore need to access the personal information we have acquired, which is necessary for the provision of the service you have requested. Any other use of this information which is not strictly linked to the mission we have been entrusted with is not however authorised, without prejudice to the obligation of these companies to comply with the laws protecting personal details. In the cases where this is required by law, or if it is necessary for the observance of the General Terms and Conditions and the execution of any other agreement, or further still in the implementation of investigation action or that for the prevention of fraud or other illegal activities, information of a personal nature can be disclosed. Excluding the above, the other cases where the personal information will be shared with third parties may exist only in the event of your consent. The users are however permitted the possibility of choosing whether to share their information with third parties. We also guarantee that, in the cases where your data must be transferred to a third party which is not based in Italy, it handles and protects this information suitably.


So that the personal details are protected from unauthorised access, amendment or disclosure, the security systems and related protection measures have been implemented from a technical standpoint and are gradually adapted so as to raise the level of security. However, it is important for us to state that, also seeking to raise the level of security as high as possible, no system can be considered infallible or impenetrable. Therefore, we ask our users to pay particular attention and care when keeping the website access credentials, so as to help us prevent unauthorised access to their personal web pages and as a consequence to their details. A server provided by an outside company chosen on the basis of our research and experience accrued to-date, is dedicated to the archiving of some of your information. We could however decide to replace it at any time, especially when we believe that the information is no longer kept in the manner we wish. The supplier company undertakes to seek to constantly guarantee the high level of security and protection, however GAUDÌ does not accept any responsibility with regard to the action of this third party.


GAUDÌ is always available to provide its users with information regarding the personal details they have supplied, so as to take steps to immediately change and/or up-date the same, or further still proceed with the cancellation of the same. In the event that you should decide you wish to cancel your personal details, it is important to inform you that we can no longer provide you with our services. By accessing your personal webpage at using your credentials, you can up-date or cancel the information which concerns you, as well as cancel your account, whenever you feel this is appropriate.


The personal details will be processed by GAUDÌ TRADE S.p.A. and by Individuals in charge of processing we have appointed, having been chosen with regard to their experience and reliability for providing suitable guarantee of full observance of the current provisions concerning data processing, including the security profile. With regard to any doubts or information concerning this Disclosure, the processing of personal data or the exercise of any right pertaining to privacy, we hereby request you to contact: All your communications will be reviewed and dealt with using the utmost care so as to find the best solution in the shortest space of time possible to any doubt or problem regarding the protection of your privacy.

Data Protection Officer

DPO: The Data Protection Officer (“DPO”), appointed by the Data Controller pursuant to articles 37 et seq. of the GDPR, is Massimo Corradini. The Data Protection Officer ("DPO") appointed by the Data Controller can be contacted pursuant to articles 37 et seq. of Regulation (EU) 2016/679 (GDPR), by e-mailing:


This disclosure is subject at intervals to changes and/or up-dates, both partial and total, aimed at preserving and protecting the personal data which is provided to us by our users in an increasingly constant manner. Therefore, we hereby ask you to pay attention and periodically visit this area of the website so as to be able to keep yourselves informed of the changes and amendments made to this text. The use of our website by yourselves implies the acceptance of the up-dated version of this disclosure.


Before proceeding with the navigation of the website, we kindly request you to also take due note of the following documents. General Term and Conditions