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La nuova collezione Primavera Estate 2021 è pensata per la donna indipendente e dinamica che sceglie il suo stile e si afferma con eleganza in ogni occasione

Enjoy every moment with feather-light jumpsuits and kimonos featuring floral and leafy motifs. Ideal when matched with cognac brown or light blue accessories

  1. Women's shopper Gaudì Fashion
    Women's shopper
    EUR 104.90
  2. Flat studded sandals Gaudì Fashion
    Flat studded sandals
    EUR 91.90
  3. Viscose twill jumpsuit Gaudì Fashion
    Viscose twill jumpsuit
    EUR 151.90
  4. Denim jacket Gaudì Jeans
    Denim jacket
    EUR 142.90


Immerse yourself in beauty. Choose the new prints exuding holiday vibes and wrap yourself in colours.
Totes with maxi logo, flat or elegant sandals and bags made unique by colour-block effects.

Colour enhances your energy and emphasises the character of your style.
Be inspired by the new shades of the EleonoraBag
and pick the tone that best represents you.


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A sporty style to suit your craving for adventure

Activewear, utility, classic or urban.
A remix of all style types, beating to the new rhythm of the season

  1. Rucksack with logo Gaudì Fashion
    Rucksack with logo
  2. Genuine leather trainers Gaudì Fashion
    Genuine leather trainers
    EUR 104.90
  3. Jacket with breast pocket Gaudì Man
    Jacket with breast pocket
    EUR 113.90
  4. Trousers with logo Gaudì Man
    Trousers with logo
    EUR 79.90


 Jumpsuit: instructions for use.
A sportwear offering that mixes black and white, neon colours and maxi lettering.