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Functional, versatile solutions, freedom as a lifestyle and a dynamic attitude that is always open to change:

contemporary concepts that provide inspiration for the design of the new Gaudì Men accessories.

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    Suede slip-ons
    EUR  126,90
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    Men's trainers
    EUR  104,90
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    Leather loafers
    EUR  126,90
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    Nubuck trainers
    EUR  104,90
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    Leather running trainers
    EUR  104,90
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    Leather trainers
    EUR  104,90
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    Trainers with box sole
    EUR  104,90
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    Genuine leather trainers
    EUR  104,90
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    Men’s running trainers
    EUR  104,90
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    Trainers with colourful sole
    EUR  104,90
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    Running trainers
    EUR  104,90
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    Running trainers with logo
    EUR  91,90
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    Trainers in leather and nylon
    EUR  91,90
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    Mixed material trainers
    EUR  91,90
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    Logo trainers
    EUR  91,90